Follow Your Dreams, But Make It Fashion

Chelsea Francis talks with Houston-based designer Nicholas Phat Nguyen about his success in the fashion industry, achieved through hard work, determination, and his personal journey to accept himself and follow his dreams.

Music Always Finds A Way

El Dusty, renowned DJ, and Adrian Quesada of the Black Pumas discuss how their worlds have changed since the shut down, and how they’ve managed to thrive creatively despite the pandemic.

Painting the World in Pure Imagination

Chelsea Francis talks with Dallas-based artist Charlie French about his art and the freedom it gives him, both to connect with others and to express himself to the fullest.

Falling in Love with Being Outside

Xochitl Rodriguez and Matt Morris, ambassadors for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation’s “We Will Not Be Tamed” campaign, talk about their shared passion for the Texas outdoors, especially the Franklin Mountains in El Paso.

Navigating Anxiety on the Road to Success

Entrepreneurs Kara Perez and Janice Omadeke share their stories and strategies around tackling anxiety, in both their personal and professional lives, and how it can be used as a stepping stone to success and joy rather than a barrier.

Positive Parenting in a Global Pandemic

Sisters Cristina Bocanegra and Sara Hussey compare how their daily routines as mothers, spouses, and business-owners have evolved since the onset of COVID-19.

Houston Rockets Coach Cruz on How Movement Benefits Your Mindset

Athletic Performance Coach, Willie Cruz, speaks with writer Kelly Krause on how paramount movement is for mood and connectivity.

Adapting Your Small Business in a Pandemic

Entrepreneur Kristina Modares returns to talk with #bossbabesATX founder Jane Hervey about how to adapt while maintaining morale within their respective businesses.

The Mutual Benefits of Mentorship

For two Texas business partners, the transition from colleague to mentor was not exactly clear-cut, but they agree it is an optimistic relationship in life and business.

The Optimistic Effect of “Do-It-Yourself”

Kristina Modares and Stephanie Douglass, co-founders of Open House Austin, bonded over DIY projects and want to inspire other young Texans to take charge in their lives.

How Patty Mills Went Around the World to Find His Perfect Role

Chris O’Connell and Patty Mills, Australian-born point guard for the San Antonio Spurs, talk about optimism + setbacks.

How Gilbert Tuhabonye Runs Toward Joy

Leah Fisher Nyfeler and Gilbert Tuhabonye, champion athlete, running coach, and survivor of genocidal violence, talk about optimism + community.

How Mikaila Ulmer Turned a Bee Sting into a Business

Ramona Flume and Mikaila Ulmer, pint-sized lemonade mogul, talk about optimism + business.

How Chelsea Francis Learned to Reframe Failure

Doyin Oyeniyi and Chelsea Francis talk about optimism + outlook. Francis launched Pass/Fail, a website that looks at failure as a critical part of success.

The Tao of Nelson: How Willie’s Sons Seek Optimism

Mike Hall talks with Lukas and Micah Nelson, the creative sons of Willie, about seeking optimism along the journey.

How Rachel Lindsay Finds Balance in the Hustle

Katy Lemieux and Rachel Lindsay, Dallas attorney, sports radio host, and former Bachelorette, talk about optimism + hustle.

How Carla Piñeyro Sublett Climbed the Corporate Ladder Then Let Go

Paul L. Underwood and Carla Piñeyro Sublett, marketing chief and all-around boss, talk about optimism + leadership.

How Raj Mankad is Redesigning Suburban Communities

Saul Elbein and Raj Mankad, an advocate for walkability and safe streets in Houston, talk about optimism + urban design.

How Hugo Ortega Created a Recipe for Success

Dyar Bentz and Hugo Ortega, James Beard Award-winning chef and restaurateur, talk about optimism + ambition.

How Entrepreneur Wes Hurt Confronted Addiction and Invested in Recovery

Courtney Cobb and Wes Hurt, founder of Hey Cupcake! and Clean Cause, talk about optimism + addiction.

How Cruz Ortiz Finds Optimism in a Blank Canvas

Dyar Bentz and Cruz Ortiz, artist and founder of Snake Hawk Press, talk about optimism + creativity.