Good News

Episode 35: Finding Beauty in the Chaos of 2020

Optimism + 2020 This year was full of ups and downs and…

Episode 34: What Happens When We Start with Thanks(giving)?

In the November episode, Owen, Chelsea, and Andrew discuss the importance of gratitude in your everyday perspective. The hosts discuss beginning with giving thanks and the beginning of Thanksgiving.

Episode 33: Can You Hear that Wild Harmony?

On this month’s episode of the Good Newscast, our hosts share the quintessential optimism found in music. They discuss personal and inspiring stories of musicians and singers who encounter connection and hope through embracing music.

Episode 32: Virtual Classrooms & Real-World Lessons

This episode features stories of people being resourceful while learning in this new era of education. What does our education look like now? What can students of today do to make the world a better place in the future?

Episode 31: Go on with Your Good Self

Episode 31 of Good Newscast continues the discussion of how self-care in the midst of challenging situations is inherently optimistic. Our hosts look to people who use wonder, humor, or self-compassion to serve others and tell inspiring stories.

Episode 30: When Being Selfish Is Actually Good

This episode gets personal, as each host reveals how they have worked to be more optimistic at home and in life through mantras, therapy, and perspectives. The common thread is a focus on one’s self to improve overall outlook.

Episode 29: Movers & Shakers & Trailblazers

In “Movers & Shakers & Trailblazers,” the hosts consider how movement inspires others to pursue new activities and break down boundaries.

Episode 28: Education is a Form of Progress

For the July episode of the Good Newscast, the hosts discuss finding hope, empathy, and perspective from historically underrepresented voices.

Episode 27: Doing More vs. Doing Less

In this month’s episode of the Good Newscast, the hosts discuss optimism and productivity. Sometimes in order to do more, we need to do less.

Episode 26: Finding Optimism in the Journey

Owen, Chelsea, and Andrew discuss the different ways optimism can impact the act of traveling – from the preparation to the experience to the post-vacation reflection.

Episode 25: Time for a Change

For some people change is scary and for others it’s liberating. From change over time to changing our minds, this episode focuses on ideas where change and optimism overlap.

Episode 24: Good Newscast, Season 2.0

The first episode of season 2 welcomes a new host and new format. Owen, Andrew, and Chelsea talk about optimism and technology.

New Year, New Host!

Meet the new voice joining the Good Newscast and Good Newsletter, as part of the Texas Optimism Project.

Episode 23: Year End Reflections

Owen, Andrew and Arely close out the season with a look at their favorite stories from past shows.

Episode 22: Options for Optimism

From justice to architecture to Santa, the stories this week cover the gamut of optimistic news.

Episode 21: An Exercise in Radical Compassion

Arely’s story about a fearless, compassionate high school coach moves everyone.

Episode 20: Sweet, Sweet Optimism

Owen finds inspiration in disrupting the chocolate business, Andrew introduces us to a new variety of apple, and Arely loves puppy health breakthroughs.

Episode 19: The Emerging Pattern of Optimism

Owen, Arely, and Andrew share stories from vastly different arenas, but a theme in conversation is starting to arise.

Episode 18: Small Steps, Big Change

Often behind big ideas are a series of small ones, so the hosts highlight simple, good deeds that can lead to positive change.

Episode 17: Flamin’ Hot Improv Poetry

Special guest Jodi Egerton from Typewriter Rodeo joins the discussion and conjures spontaneous poetry behind our favorite stories of optimism.

Episode 16: International Optimism

Owen and Arely focuses on solutions at the U.S.-Mexico border and Andrew looks to Korea and Hong Kong.

Episode 15: An Existential News Crisis

As Owen, Arely, and Andrew cover this week’s stories, all three hosts start to ponder the existential question—What IS news?

Episode 14: Democracy & The Rainbow Railroad

A round up of good news, from public health, mental health, and an underground international safety network for people who are LGBTQ.

Episode 13: A Story Behind the Story

The hosts talk about a pilgrimage across Spain, new ways to battle plastic in our oceans, and the story behind the story of a hero meteorologist.

Episode 12: Half-Full or Half-Empty?

At the halfway point of the year, we seek out stories that are good news in the making—works in progress that give us hope.

Episode 11: Femme Heroes

Owen, Andrew and Arely deftly navigate three stories of three women—all of whom face hardships and danger to emerge as heroes for us all.

Episode 10: Optimism By The Numbers

Owen, Arely and Andrew extrapolate optimism from 18 pizzas, 3 million meals, and 242 years of American self-governance.

Episode 9: Lightning Round

Arely, Andrew, and Owen speed through headlines—some good, some not-so-good—seeking optimism in aging, education, and history.

Episode 8: 42,000 Pounds of Avocados

Andrew and Owen discuss their roller derby names while Arely highlights the headlines that can inspire optimism in nature, starting with 42,000 pounds of avocados.

Episode 7: Dancing For Myself

Owen tempts the existential crisis of contentment vs. happiness, Arely claps for Austin’s animal no-kill rate, and Andrew is inspired to dance in traffic.

Episode 6: Be The Match

A special guest from GenCure joins the discussion to appeal for blood and marrow donors, revealing her own personal story.

Episode 5: Laughter, Music, & Medicine

This week our hosts talk about the power of comedy, the future of medicine, and Project Hemingway.

Episode 4: Random Acts of Optimism

Arely, Owen, and Andrew discuss random acts of whimsy, radical acts of kindness, and lessons from Bob Ross

Episode 3: Community & Courage

We discuss community and homelessness, strangers honoring a Vietnam veteran, and the courage it takes to be the youngest producer in Hollywood.

Episode 2: The Life Changing Magic of Looking Up

Our hosts tidy up closets, cheer on a mission to Disney for career development, and take notice of the seeds that Lady Bird Johnson knowingly planted long ago.

Episode 1: Call the Himalayan Midwife

This week, we discuss Mary Oliver, a boxing athlete, the incredible story of a midwife in the Himalayan Mountains, and more!