Optimist Case Study

One Good Thing: At Home

Texas Optimism Project is proud to introduce a new essay series from a familiar voice. Owen Egerton, host of the Good Newscast, will spotlight those who are doing good in the world, and in these unusual times, Owen’s journey begins at home.

VIDEO: Deborah Mouton & The Moment When A Community Holds You Up

Houston poet Deborah D.E.E.P Mouton reflects on her “Moving to Texas” story and the community she found when she needed it most.

Faces of Optimism: Community Builders

Optimism isn’t just a state of mind, it’s a practice. We’ve spotlighted six Texans creating optimism in their communities—with the help of the communities themselves.

VIDEO: Shakey Graves & The Moment When Perspective Changes Everything

The Texas Optimism project interviews Alejandro Rose-Garcia, musician under the name Shakey Graves, on the magic of an existential crisis.

VIDEO: Amy Brown & The Moment When Optimism Is a Choice

The Texas Optimism Project interviews Amy Brown, host of the “Bobby Bones” radio show, on grief and “Pimpin’ Joy.”