Campus Events

The Texas Optimism Project organizes a campus speaker series at Texas universities to spark practical conversations about optimism. Since 2018, we have hosted nine events at universities across the state and discussion topics ranged from global health and entrepreneurship to mindfulness and creativity.

For photos from past events, check out Texas Monthly’s Flickr album.

2020 Online Events

On September 23, 2020, we’re launching Optimism 101: A Campus Speaker Series featuring author Priya Parker, poet Morgan Harper Nichols, and screenwriter Cord Jefferson. These virtual speaker sessions will be moderated by Texas Optimism Project columnist and Good Newscast host Owen Egerton.

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Optimism 101: Online Speaker Series

September 23, 2020

On September 23, we’re partnering with colleges across Texas for an online speaker series designed to inspire students in every corner of the state with real-life stories and practical advice.

Recap: 2019 Campus Events

Spring & Fall 2019
Texas Christian University • Baylor University • St. Edward's University • University of Texas at Austin • University of Houston

In 2019, the Texas Optimism Project launched more campus events, and built upon the relationships at universities from year one. Partnering again with departments and alumni groups, the events brought themes of optimism tailored to each campus.

Recap: 2018 Campus Events

Spring & Fall 2018
Baylor University • Texas State University • St. Edward's University • Rice University

In the fall of 2018, the Texas Optimism Project launched events at Baylor University, Texas State University, Rice University, and St. Edward’s University. The events explored the intersection of optimism and other topics, tailored to the interests of each campus.