Recap: 2018 Campus Events

We’re on a mission to spark conversations about optimism at universities statewide.

In the fall of 2018, the Texas Optimism Project launched events at Baylor University, Texas State University, Rice University, and St. Edward’s University. The events explored the intersection of optimism and other topics, tailored to the interests of each campus, partnering with departments and student groups along the way. Below is line up from past events.

St. Edward’s University: Optimism & Mindfulness

Featured Speaker: Tessa Todd Morgan | Coach & Yoga Instructor

The Texas Optimism Project partnered with St. Edward’s University for a wellness workshop, featuring speaker and yoga teacher Tessa Todd Morgan. The interactive session focused on optimism as a tool to recognize invisible barriers, achieve your goals, and neutralize stress.

Baylor University: Optimism + Leadership

Featured Speakers: Tiff & Leon Chen | Founders, Tiff’s Treats

What started with $20, a cell phone, and a dream, Leon and Tiffany turned a batch of “I’m sorry” cookies into a sweet empire of 750 employees and 41 stores. The Texas Optimism Project hosted Leon Chen and Tiffany Taylor, founders of Tiff’s Treats, about how having the right attitude helped get them there.

Rice University: Optimism + Global Health

Featured Speaker: Dr. Peter Hotez | Pediatrician, Vaccine Advocate

The Texas Optimism Project hosted a lively discussion about Optimism + Health with Dr. Peter Hotez, who is bringing optimism and science to advocate in the fields of global health, vaccinology, and neglected tropical disease control.

Texas State University: Optimism + Innovation

Featured Speaker: GONZO247 | Famed Houston Graffiti Artist

The Texas Optimism Project invited Gonzo245, Houston artist and founder of The Graffiti and Street Art Museum, to share his story and talk about innovating the concept of graffiti to bring communities together.