Good News

Episode 24: Good Newscast, Season 2.0

Optimism + Technology

The Texas Optimism Project and Frost Bank’s Opt for Optimism initiative are proud to share episode 24 of Good Newscast, a podcast about good things in the world. The podcast’s first season explored optimism in the headlines, but season 2 welcomes a different format and new host. Chelsea Francis, interviewed by the Texas Optimism Project in 2018, joins Owen Egerton and Andrew Roush in the Good News roster. Every other week, these three will examine optimism as it impacts different themes in daily life.

Technology presents lots of challenges when it comes to the modern world, but there are some things it undeniably enhances and makes better. For this month’s theme, the hosts examine all the ways in which technology brings us closer and makes us more connected.

New episodes of Good Newscast are published every month.

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