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Episode 27: Doing More vs. Doing Less

Optimism + Productivity

In this month’s episode of the Good Newscast, hosts Owen, Chelsea, and Andrew discuss optimism and productivity, questioning what it means to be productive in today’s world, and how we can approach productivity with an open and optimistic mindset—even if that means doing less.

Owen invites guests Spike Gillespie and Steve Eckleman, co-authors of the new book “Sleeping Bees: Why Doing Nothing Matters,” to dive into why being productive doesn’t have to mean staying busy. Chelsea tells us about how Austin photographer Marshall Tidrick—who coincidentally is a Texas Optimism Project contributor— is adapting creative projects during this time. His quarantine photo series, “Front Porch-raits,” can be found on his Instagram page. Andrew ponders if we’re even defining productivity the right way. 

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