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Episode 29: Movers & Shakers & Trailblazers

Optimism + Movement

In “Movers & Shakers & Trailblazers,” the hosts consider how movement inspires others to pursue new activities and break down boundaries.

Andrew takes a two-pronged approach, focusing on the movement to diversify outdoor activities and promote physical movement. Alex Bailey, the founder of Black Outside, Inc. joins the podcast to talk about his San Antonio-based organization and the hurdles and rewards of providing access to the outdoors for Black youth. You can follow their initiatives on Instagram.

Owen sheds light on the growing trend of Mariachi music among high school students in Texas, particularly South Texas, which is both a movement and music that makes you move.

Chelsea highlights Erica Nix, a queer, trans-inclusive personal trainer in Austin, and how movement and exercise inspires acceptance and inclusivity.

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