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Episode 30: When Being Selfish Is Actually Good

Optimism + Self

This episode gets personal, as each host reveals how they have worked to be more optimistic at home and in life through mantras, therapy, and perspectives. The common thread is a focus on one’s self to improve overall outlook.

Andrew turns to the old Socratic adage to “know thyself,” and ponders self-reliance as a strategy for optimism. (BTW—It turns out the phrase long precedes Socrates, and is one of the maxims carved into stone in front of the temple of the oracle at Delphi (Andrew insisted we clarified.)

Owen describes how he met his wife in an improv troupe, and they fell in love while doing countless comedy shows with no scripts. The improv mantra of “Yes, and..” has been a core of their marriage, family, careers, and home lives.

As someone who got married quite young and never lived alone, Chelsea has sought therapy and self-work to foster independence and autonomy. She explains how spending undistracted time alone with yourself can be beneficial for both your own health and those around you. 

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