Good News

New Year, New Host!

Meet the new voice joining the Good News series as part of the Texas Optimism Project.

In 2018, the Texas Optimism Project interviewed a bright, young multi-hyphenate creative by the name of Chelsea Francis. The Austin-based, self-proclaimed “people person” had recently launched a website called Pass/Fail, and Francis was on a mission to redefine failure—we loved it from the start! Starting in 2020, Francis will officially bring her positive outlook to the Texas Optimism Project, curating the bi-weekly Good Newsletter email series and joining Owen Egerton and Andrew Roush as a Good Newscast host.

For over two years, the Good Newsletter has delivered feel-good stories to thousands of Texans who want to #optforoptimism. In 2020, Francis will introduce new themes that connect optimism more closely with your everyday life. If you haven’t already, sign up for the Good Newsletter and receive inspiration and thought-starters delivered straight to your inbox.

If you do subscribe, but are looking for more upbeat stories in your life, be sure to listen to the Good Newscast. Each month, Chelsea, Owen, and Andrew will have a lively “show-and-tell” about sources of optimism in their lives. Find Good Newscast wherever you get your podcasts.

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